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skr.media at BEA New York

I will be at this years Book Expo America (BEA) again at the Javitts center in New York from June 5-7, to catch some of the latest trends in content marketing. If you want to meet, send us an email and we’ll set up some time to get together.

Mip in a Nutshell

MipCube. The future of television. Turning story telling into a two way street.

User generated Video Game Content

Machinima: A YouTube channel for user generated video game content. Gamers edit, comment and upload their plays  on MW2 or CoD to the Machinima channel, and some receive over 3 million views on their content. Not my cup of tea, but for 3 million other people it is. 24 billion views in total.

Who will pay for content

A small insight of Cindy Gallop, who wants to revolutionize the adult film business: “The future of television is inextricably bound up with the future of payments.” Yeah, free is good for the consumer, but not so good for the producer. Who would have thought?

Read More…

Two Doesn’t Make a Trend, but it is worth watching

On Tuesday Jim Gaffigan announced via Twitter (@JimGaffigan) that in April he will make a one-hour comedy special called JIM GAFFIGAN: MR UNIVERSE available on his website for $5.00. Let’s keep an eye on that. Follow him on Twitter to be first in line.

After the successful Louis CK play in December, the next comedian is giving it a shot. Pay-per-download is a great distribution model for this genre. Read More…

Self Distribution Made Easy ala Louis C.K.

Take a close look at what the US comedian Louis CK achieved with the video rights for his stand-up special at the New York Beacon Theatre on Nov 10th, 2011.

He made the video available for download (DRM free) on his website for 5.00 US$ via paypal four weeks later. If you want to make a good looking DVD out of it, you can download the disk artwork and the dvd cover artwork. After only 12 days it was downloaded over 200,000 times. Grossing over 1 million US$. Not bad. Read More…

Ever heard of Vdio?

Gigaom did some great research on an undercover start-up called Vdio. A supposedly new video distribution service coming to a screen near you soon (if you live in the UK). Looks like the Skype founders are going for round two after Joost. They should have some decent amount of cash left after their sale of Skype to Microsoft. The studios will surely hold the doors open for them.

More at Gigaom’s post:

Scoop: Skype founders gunning for Netflix with Vdio

Content is King and Is HULU’s IPO now back?

The boys at HULU offered the following statement yesterday, putting their efforts in selling the entity to rest for the time being and commenting it with the following line.

“Our focus now rests solely on ensuring that our efforts as owners contribute in a meaningful way to the exciting future that lies ahead for HULU,”

This corporate gibberish sounds more like: we are totally bummed that nobody wanted the bride and need to figure out now what’s next.

Let’s face it: The main asset, if not the only one, is HULU’s content. Consumers and their technology-likes change faster than you say: MySpace. Fox has some experience with that. Other companies have nice websites as well, but you don’t visit them because they don’t show anything you have ever heard of. Read More…

Content Distribution for Mobile Devices at MIPCOM 2011

The television market MIPCOM in Cannes last week did not only offer an abundance of content from all over the world, but also various solutions to bring video content to mobile devices. I met with a bunch of solution providers during the last week.

The big question of the content owners nevertheless remains: How do you monetize mobile platforms? Read More…


This is how most stands at the Palais looked like this morning. The Zodiak booth was probably the biggest and emptiest. Were they sold out? I don’t think so. It is a 4 day market. Mipcom doesn’t give you any tools to break down before 6pm today and there were 12,500 people of over 4,000 companies attending the market. Nevertheless, it looks like it took everybody only 3 days to accomplish what they set out. Well done.


So what are the five key points I take home with me from this market:

- event programming is in high demand to secure the classic appointment to view model
- the international markets are becoming more and more important for producers
- leverage technology to increase your market on mobile devices
- make the TV experience more personal
- it’s all about the brand


What do buyers want? Sounded like a promising panel discussion this afternoon, with Mike Cosentino of CTV Canada, Jeff Ford of Channel 5 UK, Carlos Sandoval of Televisa Mexico and Sarah Wright of BSkyB UK.

And the answer is: Buyers want event product to secure the appointment to watch.

Anna Carugati, the moderator of the panel, then, on the way out, presented them the ” inaugural World Screen Content Trendsetter Award”. But what trends the panelists were setting remains a mystery.

Based on the on stage discussion, all the four panelist had in common was that

- they all buy at least 50% of their content from US studios, Mike would like to buy more, but they have laws in Canada to stop him,
- that they buy content they believe their audience likes, otherwise Jeff would buy only Laurel and Hardy, and
- that Carlos Sandoval had to eat a hand full of wasabi because he did not have any money for content, which technically doesn’t qualify as a trend, since none of the other panelists was ever forced by a seller to eat wasabi.

Therefore the inaugural skrmedia most random award goes to World Screen.

And now I am hungry again, but somehow not for sushi.


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